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Tips Tricks for Watch Series 6 SE

Apple creates everything for productive use of its devices. Apple always develops advanced apps, including apple call recorder, productivity apps, photo apps, etc., and provides a lot of features. iWatch is one of them. So learn some tips about new iWatch:

1. Create Memojis from The Clock

WatchOS 7 has also added a native application for the watch with which to edit or create your Memojis. They are those avatars so characteristic that later you will be able to use as emojis or send through messages or in any messaging app. You will be able to have several designs, and you just have to look for an app called Memojis inside the clock.

2. Change The Calendar View

The Apple Watch calendar application is very simple. You open it and it shows you the next appointment you have. However, you will also be able to configure it to show two other types of view. The way to do it has changed, you no longer have to press and hold your finger on the calendar, but you do it directly from the settings.

Enter the Apple Watch Settings app. Scroll down, and click on the Calendar option. You will enter Display Options, where you can choose between the three available.

3. Create Alerts to Get to Your Events on Time

And since we are talking about the calendar application, remember that you can create alerts that tell you when you have to leave home to be on time for an event. The alerts will take into account factors such as the distance you have to drive or walk, as well as others such as traffic.

For this to be possible, you must first have added a location in the event you want to receive an alert for. Now, go to the iPhone Calendar app. Click on the event you want to alert, or create a new one by adding the location. If it is an event that has already been created, click Edit. Within the options when editing the new or not so new event, activate the Travel time function. In it, you have to choose how far in advance you want to leave, and thus alerts will be created for you.

4. You Can Also Share Your Spheres

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When you are in the sphere view, to choose one by holding down your finger on the screen, next to the Edit button you will see another button to share your sphere. This is another novelty introduced by Apple, the possibility of being able to share the spheres that you have created, edited, or that you are using. When you press, you will go to the mode of sending SMS to share the face by iMessage.

5. Turn off Always On on Apple Watch

Both the Apple Watch Series 6 and Series 5 offer the possibility of having the screen always active without this having too much effect on autonomy. But if you are in a hurry or do not want it to be always on, you will also be able to deactivate the Always Show mode so that it only turns on with the turn of the wrist.

On Apple Watch, go to the Settings app. Go to Screen and brightness.

Give the option Always show. If you want to turn it off, disable the Always show option.

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